Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet First Impressions


The Amazon Kindle Fire has been seen as an alternative to the iPad even before it came out. But now that it has been reviewed, does the same hold true? The Amazon Kindle is one of the most popular e-reader devices in the world today. This, combined with a collection of millions of eBooks like […]

Downloading E-books for Kindle


E-books for kindle is on best way to publish your book as it is one of the most popular device used by a large number of audience to read the book. So it is always a better option to launch your new e-book for kindle as the subscriber base is immense when compared to any […]

What do you need to consider before publishing a book on kindle?


Many of you would now have gotten tired of getting rejection letters that are associated with book publishing. It is truly very difficult for a newbie writer to get his book published in time. Usually, the publishing houses take months to evaluate the books that they received for publishing and thus the writer in the […]

Transfer kindle to nook, how to transfer amazon kindle books to nook with kindle to nook transfer


It has been reported that Barnes and Noble’s e-reader nook has just surpassed kindle to be the most favored e-reader in last month, there’s certain reasons that nook can make such accomplishment, the pleasant colorful screen, the great library from Barnes and Noble, and a more stylish look. Nook’s appealing, but for guys who owned […]

How to Start Selling Books for Kindle


Amazon is well known to have accounted for a third of all U.S. e-commerce sales since it’s submergence onto the web. Not only that, but Amazon’s website is visited by millions of eager buyers each and everyday. This is definitely good news for any writers that are looking to be discovered. As a writer, did […]

Ideas on Where To Buy A Kindle

Ideas on Where To Buy A Kindle Article by Ben Gee Want to find out Where To Buy A Kindle? Please visit our site at Kindle 3 for more information. Use and distribution of this article is subject to our Publisher Guidelines whereby […]

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